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  The installation of inlays in your floor is a personal choice. However, these pictures will give you an idea of how special designs can transform a simple floor into an incredible work of beauty. Your imagination is your only limitation!

(To view a full-sized picture, click on any of the thumbnail images below. The picture may take a few moments to load.)


  Coming down the stairs or entering through the front door, this sunburst entry way will add elegance to your home from any angle.


  The customer wanted an installation of a 500 year old European design in their foyer. This very unique cubbyhole pattern will certainly capture their visitors' attention every time.


  View the same cubbyhole pattern in full-length.


  See the fine detail of each cubbyhole section. Twenty-seven pieces for each section were used to create a stunning effect.


  This dove-shaped inlay is strategically placed in front of this customer's kitchen counter.


  A starburst inlay in the foyer of the same home features the dove also. This floor will brighten any room in your home!


  This multi-specie border with tile insert entry way creates a unique focal point.


  This multi-specie wood/aluminum border with tile insert adds beauty and durability in front of the dishwasher and sink area in this kitchen installation.


  View the intricate detail of these custom corners.


  Beauty and durability are again achieved with this kitchen border and tile insert in front of the stove, sink and dishwasher. The red oak floor installed at a 45 degree angel is surrounded by a wenge and yellow heart border with a small, custom-made medallion of the same woods.


  This sunburst, made to mimic a sundial, has a purple heart insert pointing North. It has twelve sides and is 13-1/2 feet in diameter.


  Ash sunburst surrounded by Brazilian Cherry. The Walnut arrow points to magnetic north. This inlay was installed in an existing Red Oak floor.


  Red Oak octagon sunburst with Walnut border. This Red Oak floor also has perimeter borders of Walnut.

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