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  Inlaid borders around the floor perimeter or at room transitions can add subtle but very attractive contrasts to your floor. Aboveboard can add as much or as little detail as you want.

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  An attractive inlaid border of yellow heart and wenge woods in a red oak floor. This unique border design installation adds a special touch to a beautiful floor.


  Whether small or large, the entry into your home gives a lasting impression to each of your guests. Aboveboard transforms this smaller entry by setting the floor at a 45 degree angle and defining it with a beautiful inlaid border.


  Whether from different rooms, or around a fireplace, or wherever two floors meet at different angles, a custom inlaid border will turn the simple transition into a true work of art!


  A beautiful tiled landing trimmed out with an inlaid border, opening to a room with a 45 degree offset.


  A hardwood floor by Aboveboard will enhance the fixtures in your home. Here, a marble, raised fireplace is complimenetd by a border of Purple Heart and Red Oak.


  A freestanding wood stove on a marble base surrounded by second grade Ash floor with border.


  An indaid border provides a unique contrast where the new hardwood floor meets a carpeted room.


  Where the floor meets an uneven surface, such as this stone fireplace, Aboveboard will custom contour cut the flooring to fit naturally.

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